Your transmission is one of the most complicated and crucial parts of your vehicle. That complexity can spell complications if your transmission isn’t properly cared for along the way. While it is subject to natural wear and tear over time, there is no question that neglecting your transmission and its needs only leads to more costly and extensive repairs. Whether you drive a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission, the experts at Auto Fix are here for all your transmission service and repair needs.

Manual Transmission Service and Repair Clinton Township

At Auto Fix in Clinton Township, we are aware that if there is one thing manual transmission drivers are loyal to, it is their manual transmission. We get it. There is something about sitting down behind the wheel and having the ultimate control over your vehicle. Along with that power, comes the responsibility to keep every component of your manual transmission in tip-top shape. From clutch to stick to transmission, Auto Fix in Clinton Township has you covered.

We want to help you keep that manual transmission that you love so much running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible. That starts with the transmission service that we offer at Auto Fix Clinton. Come see us today to consult with one of our transmission experts about the service schedule that is best for you and your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Service Clinton Township

With automatic transmissions comes the ease of use, but also complications in terms of repairs and services. That being said, when it comes to automatic transmissions there is nothing that the experts at Auto Fix Clinton Township can’t handle. We pride ourselves in offering the best services and using the highest quality of parts and supplies in our work.

Transmission Fluid Change

It doesn’t matter what make or model or what sort of transmission you drive, a transmission fluid change or replacement will always help in terms of performance. When you come into Auto Fix for a transmission fluid change we will show your car all the care and attention it deserves. Our team understands just how complex and important your transmission is.

From oil changes to transmission repairs, Auto Fix is the auto repair shop that Clinton Township drivers trust the most with their vehicles. Call us today to schedule your next auto service or repair appointment.

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