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Your car’s steering and suspension are what give you optimal control when you are on the road. It is important that these systems not only function but function properly in order to optimize your car to the standards that you expect and deserve. The team of suspension experts at Auto Fix are here to answer all of your suspension related questions as well as perform the services you expect.

Signs it is Time For a Suspension and Steering Evaluation

Your suspension systems job is to give you the smoothest ride possible with the best handling. If you are starting to notice that you feel every bump in the road, it is getting harder to make those turns, or some of your tires are wearing faster than the others, it is time to have your suspension inspected.

When you come to Auto Fix for a suspension and steering issue, our suspension experts will perform a comprehensive and thorough evaluation. That means that we will inspect your shocks, struts, and springs for signs of excessive wear and damage. We will also replace or repair suspension parts that are worn, damaged, or completely missing.

Steering and Suspension Services Clinton Township

The vehicle’s steering and suspension are responsible for providing optimal comfort behind the wheel and the prime handling performance. Suspension parts including shocks, struts, and springs are susceptible to wearing and weakening over time. As these parts wear down, the stability of the vehicle as well as the amount of control the driver wears down as well.

Suspension and Tire Wear Clinton Township

Believe it or not, the rate at which your tires wear is affected by your suspension system. A properly function suspension system ensures that all four tires are evenly connecting with the road at the appropriate angle. This maximizes control and comfort while minimizing bumps and vibrations.

Shocks and Struts Clinton Township

When your shocks and struts wear down, they affect how your wheels touch the road and could land you in a dangerous situation. Hydroplaning, swaying, and compromised handling are all consequences of worn shocks, struts, and springs.

Suspension Inspection and Maintenance Clinton Township

When you choose Auto Fix in Clinton Township for your suspension inspection and maintenance, you are choosing a team that is dedicated to providing only the best and most thorough suspension service. During your inspection visit, we will take a look and your shocks for leaks, cracks, and damage. We will test drive your vehicle and look for any abnormal bounces or sways when we make turns. We will also inspect your tires for abnormal or uneven wear.

When it comes to your suspension and steering, Auto Fix in Clinton Township wants to ensure that you always have the best handle on your vehicle. Call us today to schedule your next service or repair appointment.

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